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Frens Validator Crypto Podcast

Feb 2, 2023

Governance Proposal #95 is yet another controversial governance proposal that went live on the Cosmos hub. The Proposal asks for 855,000 $ATOM ($7.8 million) to fund the $ATOM Accelerator DAO. The DAO aims to become a grants program. This program would be in charge of 855,000 $ATOM to fund new projects, reward contributors of the Cosmos hub, and kick-start new developments. Besides, the DAO will serve as spam protection, to prevent smaller and spammy proposals to go live on the hub. 

But what about the salary payroll to compensate the team behind this program? Is it too much? What if the project fails? And what happens if the 588,000 $ATOM (0.2% of the current circulating supply) would enter the open market? 

This is what we have discussed with Yussef Amrani and Xavier Meegan - both would be part of the $ATOM Accelerator DAO, if the proposal passes! 

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