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Frens Validator Crypto Podcast

Jun 11, 2024

The Institutions are coming! After all the bullish news and the crypto market going sideways, will there be new $BTC, $ETH, and $SOL all-time highs in September? This and much more is what we discuss in today's episode.

Illia Interview:

Solana Episode:

Apr 28, 2024

What are the risks of restaking on EigenLayer? What do you need to know before starting restaking on EigenLayer? Today we are going to talk about the risks involved with re-staking. Since we recently launched our Eigenlayer operator together with Defi Dojo Blocks, we are committed to keeping our community as informed as...

Apr 21, 2024

The recent EigenLayer launch on the Ethereum mainnet was the most anticipated launch in all of crypto. Today we are going to talk about why the EigenLayer ecosystem is going to be the airdrop ecosystem of 2024. Plus, we will discuss how to maximize your airdrop eligibility chances by a few simple steps.

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Apr 18, 2024

What are the best airdrop and yield opportunities on EigenLayer? And how can you maximize your airdrop eligibility chances for all of the EigenLayer AVS services that will launch soon? This is what we discussed with DeFi Dojo. DeFi Dojo informs its Discord Members about the best Yield Opportunities in all of crypto....

Apr 9, 2024

Today’s episode marks the eleventh episode of “Builder’s Diary”. If this is your first “Builders´ Diary,” episode, this format sheds light on the amazing people behind your favorite Proof of Stake chains and applications. Let's find out what visions our fellow builders follow, how they got to where they are...